Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Since When Kettle can Live and Die?

Nashruddin borrows a kettle from one of his neighbors. After several days he returns it to the owner, with a small pot inside it. The neighbor is confused to see this and asking Nashruddin, he then explains that the kettle has given a birth (reproduced). The neighbor believes, and then takes that kettle and leaves. After a few days Nashruddin comes again to that person's house to borrow the same kettle, but this time it takes a very long time for Nashruddin to return it. The kettle owner comes to see Nashruddin to return it, so Nashruddin says, "Oh, too bad that your kettle has died." The kettle owner is very confused, and with a stutter he asks, "Since when the kettle can live and die?" Nashruddin replies, "Why do you believe that the kettle can give birth while you don't believe that it can die?"