Thursday, February 7, 2013

Repaying the Good Deeds of the Frog

Nashruddin comes home from someplace riding his donkey and finds a lake. Suddenly the donkey is thirsty, so Nashruddin tries to approach the lake to give the donkey a drink. Because the place stepped by the donkey is watery and slippery, both Nashruddin's hands and feet slip. Nahsruddin and the donkey almost fall to the water. In that condition there are noises of several frogs. Instantly the donkey backs up and runs in panic, so Nashruddin and the donkey are safe. Nashruddin feels very happy and an idea crosses his mind to repay the help of the frogs. Nashruddin immediately reaches his hands to his pockets and takes several rupiah, and then he tosses the coins to the lake while saying, "The money is yours, go buy some nice food and feast."