Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Invited for Dinner Party

Nashruddin is invited for a dinner party by one of his friends, and then he goes there without paying attention to his mangy and ugly clothes he is wearing. Because the clothes look so dirty and untidy, no one greets nor notices Nashruddin. He immediately walks out and goes home to switch his dirty and untidy clothes with the best and the most luxurious he has. He returns back to the place. Seeing Nashruddin who comes with such a dazzling and charming appearance, they instantly greet him full with honor, and they then seat him in the front and give them the best food. Not too long after that Nashruddin takes off his nice clothes and says to him, "Eat, dear the one who has the honor and luxury." Seeing this strange action from Nashruddin, people around him ask, "Hei Nashruddin, what are you doing with your clothes?" He replies, "My clothes know better than you do and they have bigger rights to receive honor and food than me."