Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wealth and Wealthiness

1.             What are called wealth are not the amounts of assets, but the true wealth is the wealth of souls (heart). (HR. Accounts of Abu Ya'la)

2.             Everyone has rights over his/her belongings/assets than the father or children and all people. (HR. Accounts of Al-Baihaqi)

3.             Wealth is the best savior to nurture taqwa (fearful) to Allah. (HR. Accounts of Ad-Dailami)

4.             Approaching every dawn two angels descend. One prays: "Dear Allah, bless those who donate their wealth increase in legacy/earnings." the other angel prays: "Dear Allah, befall damages (devastation) for wealth that they hold back (cheated)." (Mutafaq'alaih)

5.             Assets that are deducted for zakat donations will not depreciate (reduced). (HR. Accounts of Muslim)

6.             Truly bounty seeks a servant as death seeks him/her. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

7.             Deep affection towards wealth and position can degrade someone's religion. (HR. Accounts of Aththusi)

8.             Son of Adam said: "My wealth... my wealth..." prophet SAW explained: "Do you have wealth, hei son of Adam except the one you spend for food or clothes that becomes stingy, or donate then leave it." (HR. Accounts of Muslim)

9.             Whatever few but satisfying is better than plenty but neglectful. (HR. Accounts of Abu Dawud)

10.         For everything there will be tests and ordeals, and tests/ordeals for my followers is wealth and assets. (HR. Accounts of Tirmidzi)

11.         There will come for man an age where people do not care if their assets are acquired halal (rightful) or haram (forbidden). (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

12.         Dear 'Amru, it is ideal that sholeh (obedient) assets be in the hands of shaleh people. (HR. Accounts of Ahmad)

13.         At the end of time, mankind must set aside wealth to uphold their religious and world affairs. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

14.         The most remorseful persons on judgment day are those who gain wealth from unrightful sources that causes them to enter hell. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

15.         Truly people who manage the wealth of Allah inappropriately, then they will receive the fire of hell on judgment day. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

16.         Don't you admire a person with extended arms and spilling blood. For Allah he is the undead killer. don't you admire those who gain wealth from forbidden ways. Truly when s/he donates or gives charity, then it will not be accepted by Allah and when stored, this wealth will not yield benefits. If there is some remaining wealth, it will be their logistic in hell. (HR. Accounts of Abu Dawud)

17.         Truly dinar and dirham currencies devastated the people before you and in the future. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

18.         When you are given something without your asking, then use it (consume it) and donate an appropriate portion. (HR. Accounts of Muslim)

19.         Whoever collects wealth out of the norm (unrightful), then Allah will destroy it with water (flood) and landslide. (HR. Accounts of Al-Baihaqi)