Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shalat Prayer

Allah SWT reveals, "Truly shalat is mandatory with well defined timing over the faithful ones.(An-Nisa' : 103)
Allah SWT reveals, "And conduct shalat prayer, donate zakat and bow ruku' along with those who are bowing ruku"(Al-Baqarah : 43) 
Allah SWT reveals, "Truly shalat prevents from (deeds that are) evil and wrong. (Al-Ankabut : 45)
Allah SWT reveals, "Maintain all (your) shalat and maintain shalat wustha, stand up for Allah in your shalat with khusu' (utmost submission)."(Al-Baqarah : 238) 
Rasulullah SAW explained, "Shalat is the pillar of the religion; therefore, whoever abandons it destroys the religion."(Al-Ihya, Page 125, juz/section I)
Rasulullah SAW explained, "The door of heavens is shalat."(Al-Ihya, Page 125, juz/section I)
 Rasulullah SAW explained, "Truly good deeds of a servant that will be first shown on judgment day is shalat prayer, if perfect he/she will be accepted by Allah SWT, as well as all his/her good deeds, and if imperfect (less), then it will be returned to him/her along with other deeds." 
Rasulullah SAW explained, "Whoever maintains shalat prayer, then one will be esteemed by Allah SWT with five advantages consisting of: avoidance from difficulties in life, avoidance from grave torture,  receipt of record book of his/her deeds with right hand, swift passage over the bridge of ash-Shirath, and entrance to heaven without prior judgment/evaluation."
Rasulullah SAW explained, "Whoever underestimates / neglects shalat, then Allah SWT will punish with fifteen punishments, six punishments in the world, three when one is about to die, three in grave and three more punishments when one is about to meet God o judgment day. 
The six punishments in the world are:
First: blessings in one’s lifetime will be revoked. 
Second, signs of diligence (shaleh) will be removed from one’s face.
Third, all good deeds that he/she conducts will not be rewarded by Allah SWT. 
Fourth: his/her prayers will not be elevated to the sky. 
Fifth: one will not be a part of prayers invoked by the diligent (shaleh).
And sixth: dying not in faithful conditions. 
             Three punishments when one are about to leave this world (die) consists of:
First, one will die with humiliation. 
Second, one will die in famine 
And third: one will die in thirst, even all water in the sea would not be able to satisfy the thirst. 
            The three punishments in grave are as follow:
First: Allah SWT will narrow the grave until all the ribs are crushed. 
Second: day and night he/she will be burned in the grave, so that he/she twitches and struggles due to the heat. 
And third, one will be strangled and bitten by a monstrous snake named "Asy-Syuja' al-A'ra'", it will continue to torture for a period similar to the length of time to conduct the five mandatory shalat prayers.   
The three punishments one will get when about to meet God consists of:
First: when the sky is divided and destroyed, he/she will be approached by an angel carrying seventy yards of chains in his hand, then the angel will hang the chains in his/her neck, throb it inside his/her mouth, and pull the chains through the anus. Then the angel will say, "This is the punishment for those who neglect obligations towards Allah SWT."
In relevance to this matter, Ibnu Abbas RA said, "When one of those chains falls to the earth, so the earth will burn along with it."
Second: Allah SWT will not notice him/her.
And the third: he/she cannot be purified, and he/she will receive severe torture / punishments.
It was mentioned that the first humans whose face turn black on judgment day are those neglecting shalat prayers, and truly in hell there is a cliff called "Al-Malam", in it are many snakes and each snake possesses big strong head like a camel head with the length equal to a month’s journey, they will bite people who neglect shalat prayers, and when they bite the venom will enter the body and boil for seventy years.  After that, gradually the flesh will fall of the body."
In a relatively long hadits accounts, it was mentioned that the angle Jibril AS descended to Prophet SAW and said, "Dear Muhammad, Allah SWT will not accept fasting, charity, hajj pilgrimage, good deeds, and zakat donation from those who abandon shalat. People that neglect shalat are condemned by Allah SWT in the holy books of Taurat, Bible, Zabur, and al-Qur'an. Allah SWT every day and night sends thousands of curses and fury over those neglectful of shalat, while the angels also send curses from the seventh skies. 
Dear Muhammad, those who abandon shalat will not be part of your facilitation and your aid, and nether are they included among your followers. 
Dear Muhammad, those who abandon shalat, when ill should not be visited, and when passing away, the remain must not be escorted, and he/she must not be greeted with salaam, invited for meal or drink, accompanied or socialized, for he/she has no religion, mandate, and neither does he/she become a part of blessing from Allah SWT, he/she will be gathered by Allah among the hypocrite that belongs to the lower level of hell. 
People who abandon shalat prayer will receive tortures twice as severe and on judgment day both hands will be chained to the neck while receiving tortures from the angels, and then the damned hell will be opened for them and they enter through its doors quickly with ease like an arrow, in hell they will be grouped together with Qarun and Haman in the lowest level of hell. 
When the people that neglect shalat eat, and about to put the food in their mouths, the food says to them, "May Allah curses you. Hei enemy of Allah!  Why do you enjoy the bounty from Allah, while you neglect your obligations toward Him?" Similarly with the clothes they wear, they will stay away from them and say, "If Allah had not created me for you to wear, I would have run away from you."
When people that neglect shalat step out from their houses, the houses will say to them, "I hope Allah does not give you company and easiness in this journey along with your steps, and I hope that He does not return you to your family with safety." 
Those who neglect shalat in his/her life, after death he/she will be cursed by Allah SWT.