Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shalat Prayer in the Night

Allah SWT reveals, "Their stomach is far from the beds, while they pray to God with fear and expectations, and they spend part of the bounty that We provide them with. One will not know what is hidden from them (comforts and enjoyments) that please the eyes as rewards to what they have done."(As-Sajdah 16-17)
Rasulullah SAW explained, "You should conduct night prayer, for it is the tradition and the norm of the diligent before you, and it is a means to get yourselves closer to Allah SWT, prevent from sins, erase many mistakes, and also to remove diseases from the body."(Kasyful Ghummah, Page. 95, juz/section I)
Rasulullah SAW explained, "Truly Allah SWT hates those with hard character, arrogant and loud voiced in the market, where he/she will be like a carcass in the night and like a donkey during the day, he/she is fluent  with worldly affairs but foolish with the affairs of the afterworld ."