Friday, January 25, 2013


1.             I visited heaven and I saw that most of the inhabitants are fakir (poor people). then I visited hell and I saw that most of the inhabitants are women. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari and Muslim)

2.             People who are fakir-(poor) will enter heaven five hundred years[1] before the rich people. (HR. Accounts of Tirmidzi and Ahmad)

3.             The worst of the misery is poor in the world  and tortured in the after life. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani and Asysyihaab)

4.             Rewards of the deeds from the poor to the rich are loyalty (acceptance) and prayer. (HR. Accounts of Abu Dawud)

5.             Feel pity for three categories of people: a rich person in the society, who then becomes poor, a person who was once noble (honored in the society) then becomes condemned, and an 'alim (knowledgeable) who gets ridiculed (mocked) by the fool and foolish. (HR. Accounts of Asysyihaab)

6.             Poverty (poverty of soul and heart) nearly becomes infidelity. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)