Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Livelihood and Income

1.             Earning livelihood that is halal (rightful) is mandatory after conducting the other mandatory tasks (shalat prayer, fasting, etc). (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani and Al-Baihaqi)

2.             Truly Ruhul Qudus (angel Jibril) whispers to my mind that a soul will not pass before the bounty is complete and perfect. Therefore, you should taqwa (fearful) towards Allah and fix your livelihood. When the bounty comes late, you should not hasten by committing sins to Allah, for whatever available by His side can only be achieved with obedience. (HR. Accounts of Abu Zar and Al Hakim)

3.             Truly Allah likes creative and skillful servants (professional or skilled). Whoever struggles to seek livelihood for the family, then s/he is like a mujahid (fighter) in the way of Allah Azza wajalla. (HR. Accounts of Ahmad)

4.             Whoever feels tired at nights from efforts of using his/her skilled hands during the day, then that night s/he is forgiven by Allah. (HR. Accounts of Ahmad)

5.             Truly among the sins there are unforgiven ones (unredeemable) with rewards of shalat prayer, donations or hajj, but can be redeemed by efforts in getting livelihood. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

6.             Truly Allah Ta'ala is pleased to see His servants’ struggles (tired) in gaining halal (rightful) bounty. (HR. Accounts of Ad-Dailami)

7.             One who carries rope then goes to seek and collect firewood then brings them to the market to be sold and the earning is used to fulfill the needs and livelihood is better than one who begs to people and sometimes s/he is given, but sometimes rejected. (Mutafaq'alaih)

8.             There is no better food than the one earned by own hands. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

9.             When the door of bounty is opened, then s/he should preserve it. (HR. Accounts of Al-Baihaqi)

One should always be true/earnest and concentrate in that particular field of business, Do not move around from one door of bounty to another or switch businesses around for fear of losing the already opened door due to burden of taking care of another business. Should one is capable of doing so, then it does not matter.

10.         After shalat prayer at dawn (subuh) don't  you sleep and neglect your task to go make your livelihood. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

11.         Wake up in the morning to gain earnings and fulfill your needs. Truly there are plenty of luck and fortune in the morning. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani and Al-Bazzar)

12.         Dear Allah, bless my followers in the morning they wake up (at dawn). (HR. Accounts of Ahmad)

13.         Whoever activates an unused land, then the land is for him/her. (HR. Accounts of Abu Dawud and Aththusi)

This is especially for land or vacant property without owner. If the land or vacant property has an owner, then it should not be acquired maliciously.

14.         Go find your bounty in the bowel of the earth. (HR. Accounts of Abu Ya'la)

15.         Unemployment causes hard heart (cruel and frozen). (HR. Accounts of Asysyihaab)

16.         Allah provides bounty to His servants according to the persistence and strong will, as well as ambition. (HR. Accounts of Aththusi)

17.         The best livelihood is selling full of decency and from the skills of one's hands. (HR. Accounts of Al-Bazzar and Ahmad)

18.         The best of livelihood is a fruit of hand skills of a worker When s/he is honest (accepting). (HR. Accounts of Ahmad)