Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jihad (fighting in Allah's way) and War

1.             I want to fight in Allah's path, then I get killed, resurrected and die again, then resurrected. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

2.             Both legs of My servants that are covered in dust in the war fisabilillah (for Allah) will not be touched by the fire of hell. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

3.             Standing guard (staying awake) for one night in the war fisabilillah (for Allah) is better than one thousand nights of shalat prayers with fasting during the days. (HR. Accounts of Al Hakim)

4.             There will be no hijrah (exodus) after fathu of Mecca but for jihad, intended, and When called upon to depart (go to war) then we go. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

5.             The peak of solution is Islam. Whoever submissive (embrace Islam) then s/he is safe. The pillar of Islam is shalat prayer and the roof is jihad (struggle). Whoever reaches is the supreme individual among them. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

6.             Fight jihad against the musyrikin (infidels) with your wealth, soul and tongue. (HR. Accounts of An-Nasaa'i)

7.             A person with the closest esteem with that of the prophets are mujahidin (defender of Allah) and scholars (intellectuals) for the mujahidin conducts teachings of the messengers (rasul) and scholars guide mankind to conduct the teachings of prophets. (HR. Accounts of Ad-Dailami)

8.             There will be no droplets more liked by Allah 'Azza wajalla than a drop of blood defending the way of Allah. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thahawi)

9.             Whoever provides equipments for those who fight in the way of Allah then s/he is considered involved in that particular war and Whoever fulfills the needs (donates) the families of the fighting men, then s/he is considered involved in defending the way of Allah. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

10.         Dear all humanity, don't you expect to see the enemies. Beg to Allah for safety. When meeting them, then be patient (to endure difficulties, persistent, tenacious and strong in confronting them). Know that, heaven lies underneath the shadows of the swords. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

11.         Rasulullah SAW when discharging the army that goes to war (without him) reminded: "By the name of Allah, and accompaniment of Allah, in the way of Allah and by sunnah recommendations of Rasulullah. Do not ever get carried away in taking loot without permission of the troop leader. Don't you betray and do not conduct cruelty (torment) the enemies. Do not kill children, women and elderly." (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani and Abu Dawud)

12.         Rasulullah SAW includes women in war. They treat the wounded.  Rasulullah never gives them any portion of the loot, but gives them from the excess (remaining) of division. (HR. Accounts of Muslim)

13.         War is deceitful. (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)
14.         When you conduct trade with riba (unrightful earnings), become farmers, enjoy just farming and abandon jihad (struggle) then Allah will disgrace you. you cannot remove the humiliation until you are back to your Ad Dien (religion). (HR. Accounts of Abu Dawud and Ibnu Majah)

15.         There are three things that could wipe out all good deeds, they are: syirik towards (associating) Allah, defiant to both parents, and running away to avoid fighting (in the war for Allah/ fisabilillah) (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

16.         An assembly that deserts the struggle defending Allah will be punished with torture. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

17.         Should there be murder between two Muslims, then the murdered and the murderer will both go to hell. The friends asked, "That is for the killer, then how about the one murdered?" prophet SAW replied, "The murdered tried to kill his/her friend." (HR. Accounts of Bukhari)

The victim (murdered) tried to kill, but get killed first, instead.

18.         Rasulullah SAW forbids the spread of toxic (plague / virus / chemical weapons) on enemies' land. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thahawi)

19.         Remind each other to treat prisoners with courtesy. (HR. Accounts of Ath-Thabrani)

20.         we do not use the help of musyrikin (infidels) to fight the musyrikin. (HR. Accounts of Ahmad)

21.         Those who fight in the way of Allah and those who leave to conduct hajj or umroh pilgrimages are the guests of Allah. Allah calls upon them, and they welcome it and they beg to Him, then Allah grants their wishes. (HR. Accounts of Ibnu Majah).

22.         Whoever refuses obedience (insubordinate) and deviates from jama'ah assembly then dies, the death is as jahiliyah (unruly), and Whoever fights under (the banner of) nationalism (nationality or race) that leads to fanatics or act in anger (emotional) for defending fanatics (group) then gets killed, then the death is as jahiliyah. (HR. Accounts of An-Nasaa'i)

Asysyathibi defines jama'ah assembly as:
·         People of Islam convening for a common affair.
·         Majority of Islam people
·         A group of mujtahidin scholars.
·         Jama'atul Muslim when convening under the direction of an emir (leader).
·         The friends receiving approval from Allah and certainly under a special condition.
Assembly of jama'ah will form when there is discussion to reach an agreement.