Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fair Practice in Business

One of Rasulullah's responsibilities as the ruler of Madinah was to go to the market place and check on the business dealings of the merchants. Sometimes he would examine the weights and measures and examine the produce in the market.

Once he was walking through the market and saw a pile of grain. He went to examine it. He stuck his hand in the pile of grain and felt dampness inside the pile though the outside was dry.

He asked the shopkeeper, "What is the reason for the grain being dry outside and wet inside the pile?" The shopkeeper replied, "It rained and the grain got wet." Rasulullah (sallal alaho alahie wasallam) advised him, "Then you should inform the people that the grain is wet."

He admonished the merchant by saying, "Those who deceive people are not from among us."