Sunday, January 20, 2013

Brushing teeth

Rasulullah SAW explained, "I like Shalat prayer of two repetitions preceded by brushing teeth better than shalat prayer seventy times without brushing teeth."(Abu Na'im in chapter of explanation regarding the supremacy of siwak-brushing teeth as well as within hadits accounts of Ibnu Mundzir, Page. 31, juz/section I).
Rasulullah SAW explained, "If I was not concerned about burdening my followers, I would require them to brush their teeth in each prayer, as I require them to cleanse wudhu."(HR. Accounts of Al-Bazzar and Ath-Thabrani within Al-Kabir, as well as hadits accounts of Ibnu Mundzir, Page. 49, juz/section I).
            Imam (leader) Ali son of Abi Thalib Karramallahu wajhahu said, "Brushing teeth can strengthen memory as well as removing phlegm."