Friday, January 18, 2013

Beautiful Story

Once there was an old man and his 25-year old son riding in a train A couple came and sat across from them.

As the train started going- the son's eyes widened. "Dad!" he cried " The trees and the buildings! They're running behind us!"The father looked at his son lovingly and smiled. The couple looked at the son- puzzled.

When the train slowed down at some parts- the son saw birds. "Dad! Look at the birds! They're so beautiful! They're all different colors and so pretty!" Again, the father looked at his son and smiled. The couple became disgruntled.

Then, it started to rain The 25 year old man looked out at the sky and exclaimed "Dad! The sky is dark now!!!" he poked his hand out of the window and laughed gleefully. " Look dad! Drops of water are falling on my hand!!!"

Before the old man could respond- the couple motioned him over. "Why don't you take him to a doctor?!" the exclaimed, " Your 25-year-old son is acting like a child! He must be crazy! Take him to a doctor."

Slowly, the old man looked back at his son, his eyes filled with intense love.
" We just came back from the doctor," he said, his voice filled with pride. "Before my son was blind, and we got an operation done. My son can now see the beauty of the world, of which he had never imagined."

The couple became quiet, and the man went back to his seat next to his beloved son.

Throughout the rest of the train ride, the couple watched the 25-year-old man with tear-brimmed eyes, and smiles on their lips.

Moral: We should always expand our sight to other's points of veiw as well as ours.